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Our HURRICANE Bug Blowers are rugged, compact design and mounted on an angles skid base for maximum stability. All of our bug blowers are equipped with cast aluminum balanced blades, steel housing, and blade guards for safety and durability. Also, our HURRICANE Bug Blowers are designed for maximum air flow over a large area with low decibel noise levels.

Our HURRICANE Bug Blowers are available in four standard sized ranging from 2 to 5 hp, and 8,000 to 40,000 cfm. Other sizes are available on special order.

Our four HURRICANE Bug Blower sizes to choose from are: HURRICANE 24, HURRICANE 36, HURRICANE 48, and the HURRICANE 54.

The HURRICANE Bug Blowers are equally effective on land and offshore rigs to cool and protect crew personnel from flying insects and potentially hazardous downhole gases. Our blowers can also be utilized to create comforting air flow and protection from irritating flying insects at outdoor functions and events.
WPI WELLKIN manufactures the HURRICANE Bug Blower with the highest quality of components, material, and workmanship. Our objective is to provide superior bug blowers with simplicity of operation, reliability, extended longevity, and low maintenance cost.
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